Monkey Alert!!!!

Just been rushing around flat, closing windows and balcony doors!  Can you imagine these bloody vermin are climbing into my home, again!  I live on the 5th floor for goodness sake! They are so tenacious!

Better than that, so bright! Can open my fridge, open packets of crisps….. choose my hidden and favoured T bags….. Suck them dry!  Well, at least they have good taste!

The trouble is…. they eat and poop!  Pretty disgusting!

I have my trusty water spray at the ready….. They hate water spray!  Hockey sticks, golf clubs and brooms don’t work….. but water gets them every time!

Stand down…… alert over!  Until the next time! Hehe!




What a week so far….  Have celebrated a birth, a birthday and on the flip side…. had to say good bye to a friend! My heartfelt condolences to his family! 

I struggle now…. Am thinking about my family and other friends…. I just realised I have stopped climbing up the hill….. I might be sliding down the other side! Not a pleasant thought…… But……

I have just decided…. not to think like that!  I am going for the things I want to do….  Isn’t there something you have harboured in your heart, as long as it doesn’t hurt or disrupt society or people you love, not against the law, why not?

Minky gave me an orchid in January, I have worked hard to keep it alive…. it’s blooming….. Shouldn’t we treat ourselves in the same way…… Nurture ourselves?   

Over and out from EP

A Weird, but Strangely Yummy Recipe!

This is a recipe that I picked up in 1982 in Hong Kong….. Stuck with me ever since…. Sorry if I have used this without asking permission… But, who to ask?

This is specially for G and I! Hugs to you girls!


3 egg whites

1/2tsp baking powder

3/4 cup of sugar

20 crushed Ritz crackers (I usually put the crackers in a plastic bag and take out my frustration with a rolling pin… ) Hehe!

1 cup of crushed nuts…. use any nuts… no shells …. LOL!

1/2 tsp vanilla extract….. Go with the flow, use what you can afford!


Beat egg whites, adding baking powder….. until stiff

Fold in sugar, crushed crackers, nuts and vanilla…. with a metal spoon

Pour into a buttered and floured 8 inch cake pan, bake 30 minutes  at 325f or 165c

When cool, spread with thin layer of chocolate!  Serve with whipped cream!   Amazingly rich somehow…… Look below for a quick recipe for chocolate glaze!

OK, sure you all know it…. but this is the easiest I have come across…. As you can see, I want taste with few ingredients!

Approximately 3-4 ounces of ….GOOOOD Chocolate

1 small spoon of butter


Choose a saucepan and a pyrex, or other bowl that fits in the saucepan… Put a little water in pan….

Put chocolate and butter in bowl…. melt carefully above boiling water…. Make sure no water splatters into chocolate!

When melted, quickly pour over cooled cake and spread around and on the sides! Cool!

When I say butter and flour the pan…. take a bit of kitchen roll, a little butter or vegetable oil, paint the pan….. toss in a little flour and throw it round…. when coated, pour out the rest of the flour… not down the sink….. 

Enjoy!   EP

My Evening!

Am back from the party! 

Evening began with me struggling into my butt bra…. I persevered….. wore a fantastic one long sleeved dress…. sounds weird…… but take it from me, I looked hot! Shoes courtesy of Minky! Left the flat on top of the world and ready to face anything!

Was great….. Met people hadn’t seen for many years…some I didn’t recognise until we got talking! In my mind I was still the young woman of 25 years ago…. sharp reminder, I wasn’t, hehe!  

But have to say…. was lovely catching up with colleagues and friends…. common ground etc!

I have been on a sobriety kick since 1st of January…..was drinking far too much for quite a while, so started with diet pepsi, but had wine with a wonderful dinner! I mean wonderful!

So, here I  am….. peeled off my underwear and now ready for bed.. Trouble is I am hyped…. that’s why I am writing….. Technically it is Sunday!  LOL!

PS…..  Have been downloading pix….. learning how to post them…. stick with me, things will change and improve!    EP

Underwear Torture!

OK…. Completely my own fault…. Yeh, I get it…. But, goodness, what do we go through to look  reasonable?  Can’t even say “hot”…. Who says what’s HOT? 

Have a reunion party tomorrow in the hotel… R, my husband told me it is a ‘smart casual’ evening!  What the hell does that mean?  Not at all competetive, but been over 20 years since I last saw some of these old work colleagues…. Yes, lied before, I want to look good, I admit it!

Tried on a dress, looked good…. but, my body seems to be displaced, bottom going south and bingo wings, could probably go out with the bats tonight and fit in quite nicely, not even needing a parachute!

G, has lived with us for 13 years…. my right-hand woman (but after this debacle, not for much longer, LOL), told me to go and look for some foundation underwear, had no clue what this was… Something to do with putting up a high rise building?  Worse…. Pulling up your butt cheeks… a tiny, lovely, petite, young woman showed me what she wears with her cheongsam (Chinese, wonderfully fitted dress)….. didn’t bode well…. On top of that was in a shop called “Blush” ……  Suffice it to say, I blushed!  Tell you more on Sunday!  Yes, am stuck with thick script…. running to my little black and yellow help book!


Chap Goh Meh Celebrations!

Yesterday was the end of the 15 day Chinese New Year festivities!  I didn’t attend any parties…. Wasn’t invited… hehe!  But I heard the fireworks, amazing…!  That was the evening when “Maidens” write their wishes, telephone numbers and hopes on oranges…. They throw them into the sea, streams and maybe even swimming pools…. Hoping someone will find this orange loveliness, and make the dreams come true!  I love the sentiment…was pretty tempted to throw a little orange myself…. But hey, I’m married…. unfair to the maidens….!   EP

Asian Style Tomato Soup!

This is a soup I really adore…. Really easy and, Ohhh so tasty!  Hehe!


1/2 tbs vegetable oil

6 spring onions ….. chopped

3 cloves of garlic…. minced or chopped finely

2tsp finely grated ginger (can add more)

2 cans of chopped tomatoes

2 tsp sugar

1 litre chicken/veg stock, quite strong….stock cubes are fine

2 tbs fish sauce… Thai (don’t be scared to use this in dressings etc… it is a little smelly in bottle, but delicious)

1 or 2 eggs, lightly beaten

2 tbs chopped fresh coriander leaves

1 tbs lime or lemon juice

ground black pepper


1.  Heat oil in large pan, add garlic, ginger and spring onions, cook, stirring until soft.

2.  Add the tomatoes, sugar, stock and sauce…. Bring to boil, simmer uncovered for 20 minutes.

3.  Just before serving, pour beaten egg slowly into simmering soup, in a thin stream, stirring gently…. should be stringy. Stir in juice, pepper and coriander!

I’m hungry now!  I usually serve this with a bowl of rice on the side!

You can freeze this soup without the egg or coriander ….. Just defrost and when boiling, complete!


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