My sister, minky!

I screwed up already…. LOL (lots of laughter in my blog)!  She was here over the  Christmas period … here being, Malaysia, at the moment!  She has pushed me to start a blog…. Damn, struggling already…. people, help me!  But in the meantime it is the time to say, to all our Chinese friends….. GONG XI FA CAI!  That is in Mandarin… I have lived 3 times in Hong Kong, Cantonese was the norm in those days, before HK went back to China…. I remember my 2 young daughters waiting until they could get their little red packets… didn’t know might be money inside, just….. the envelopes were cute….. Soon changed…. Hehe! 

Out of here, time for bed!  EP


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  1. Summer Sunshine
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 16:40:36

    heeeeyyyy…. that’s not true! got my lycee from this year hanging on my pinboard in the hallway!


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