Underwear Torture!

OK…. Completely my own fault…. Yeh, I get it…. But, goodness, what do we go through to look  reasonable?  Can’t even say “hot”…. Who says what’s HOT? 

Have a reunion party tomorrow in the hotel… R, my husband told me it is a ‘smart casual’ evening!  What the hell does that mean?  Not at all competetive, but been over 20 years since I last saw some of these old work colleagues…. Yes, lied before, I want to look good, I admit it!

Tried on a dress, looked good…. but, my body seems to be displaced, bottom going south and bingo wings, could probably go out with the bats tonight and fit in quite nicely, not even needing a parachute!

G, has lived with us for 13 years…. my right-hand woman (but after this debacle, not for much longer, LOL), told me to go and look for some foundation underwear, had no clue what this was… Something to do with putting up a high rise building?  Worse…. Pulling up your butt cheeks… a tiny, lovely, petite, young woman showed me what she wears with her cheongsam (Chinese, wonderfully fitted dress)….. didn’t bode well…. On top of that was in a shop called “Blush” ……  Suffice it to say, I blushed!  Tell you more on Sunday!  Yes, am stuck with thick script…. running to my little black and yellow help book!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Special K
    Feb 21, 2011 @ 10:57:28

    try Spanks next time. what all the celebrities use


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