My Evening!

Am back from the party! 

Evening began with me struggling into my butt bra…. I persevered….. wore a fantastic one long sleeved dress…. sounds weird…… but take it from me, I looked hot! Shoes courtesy of Minky! Left the flat on top of the world and ready to face anything!

Was great….. Met people hadn’t seen for many years…some I didn’t recognise until we got talking! In my mind I was still the young woman of 25 years ago…. sharp reminder, I wasn’t, hehe!  

But have to say…. was lovely catching up with colleagues and friends…. common ground etc!

I have been on a sobriety kick since 1st of January…..was drinking far too much for quite a while, so started with diet pepsi, but had wine with a wonderful dinner! I mean wonderful!

So, here I  am….. peeled off my underwear and now ready for bed.. Trouble is I am hyped…. that’s why I am writing….. Technically it is Sunday!  LOL!

PS…..  Have been downloading pix….. learning how to post them…. stick with me, things will change and improve!    EP


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. rigtig0101
    Feb 20, 2011 @ 04:18:06

    Loving your blog, soup amazing!


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