What a week so far….  Have celebrated a birth, a birthday and on the flip side…. had to say good bye to a friend! My heartfelt condolences to his family! 

I struggle now…. Am thinking about my family and other friends…. I just realised I have stopped climbing up the hill….. I might be sliding down the other side! Not a pleasant thought…… But……

I have just decided…. not to think like that!  I am going for the things I want to do….  Isn’t there something you have harboured in your heart, as long as it doesn’t hurt or disrupt society or people you love, not against the law, why not?

Minky gave me an orchid in January, I have worked hard to keep it alive…. it’s blooming….. Shouldn’t we treat ourselves in the same way…… Nurture ourselves?   

Over and out from EP


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