Simplest, fluffy pancakes…… ever!?

No scales required, perfect……. everytime!!!! 

This is what you Need:

A tea cup!

Self- raising flour

A large egg



Butter or vegetable oil (my favourite, a little of both)

Frying pan


This gives the flavour…..  Choose from below, any of them!

Grated lemon zest (the yelllow part, not the bitter white stuff)

Grated chocolate

Any chopped berry….. strawberries, blueberries, raspberries  sultanas ….. absolutely anything that you love….

The idea is to….. Love what you are eating, but keep it healthy!

Now, just to make it ‘yummily’ perfect!  CHOOSE!

Vanilla yoghurt

Greek yoghurt – honey… maybe?

Natural yoghurt  (my favourite, but that’s boring, I love it with honey,  Hehe)

Students, buy a honey  yoghurt…. Perfect!


Take your cup…. Fill it with flour and a large pinch of salt…. now, if you have a sieve, do it…. if not, never mind, into a bowl…. still works, but mix the salt through!

Make a well (hole) in the middle of the flour! Break the egg into the centre (make sure, egg is fresh).

Very slowly, mix the flour into the egg (think of the flour as a wall, you are gradually breaking it down).

Now, One cup of milk, gradually add…. you  can then add your flavourings…..

Frying pan on heat, add butter, oil or both…..  When you think it’s hot enough, take a little bit of the batter, drop in…. if there is no sizzle, too cold!

Take a tablespoon and drop the batter, close to the oil(so it doesn’t splash).  Do not spread it.  Just watch!  Fill the pan with tablespoons of batter!

Won’t take long to cook on one side…. 1-2 minutes…. the first one is experimental!  Turn over (not you, the pancake …. lol)

Careful you don’t keep the flame or electricity too high….

Serve with any of the above and maybe fruit on the side?

I have explained this simply because, we all have to start somewhere…

This is specially for G, I and “Special K”……. Am I wrong, or is ‘Mother’s Day’ coming soon?’



Plaintive call of……….

When it rains, non-stop in Kuala Lumpur at the moment, funny/strange things happen?  Well, of course we get flash floods, cars putting their hazard lights on for no reason (well drivers put them on, hehe), snail paced traffic and floating bikes and sometimes tiny cars!

But we also hear strange sounds at night!  I am normally a light sleeper and have been  kept awake recently ….by a sad sound…. went through my lists…. cats, water-logged monkeys, birds, trees and sighing trees!

But have just discovered, after much detective work, FROGS!

A sorrowful sound!

I am wondering…… Are they all, Princes-in-waiting?  If so, where are the Princesses?


Fish in Foil!

This is a simple, tasty and low fat dish….. Quick and very little washing up!  You love it already!


Tin foil

Vegetable oil

A fish steak….. white or salmon

Now the good part, use any combination of the ingredients below, as many or as few as you like!  Your choice…..

Asian Style:

Spring onion….. very thinly sliced

Fresh ginger, grated or very thinly sliced…. Can use from tube or jar

Soya Sauce

Chopped garlic

Lemon juice (but not if you are using soya sauce)

A red chilli, discard seeds and slice very thinly

Black pepper

A dash of Sesame Oil

Western Style:

Spring onion, very thinly sliced

Lemon juice

Salt and pepper

Tomato, very thinly sliced

Mushroom, very thinly sliced

Olives, very thinly sliced

Garlic, chopped

A sprinkle of dried herbs


Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees.

Take a piece of foil, large enough to make a loose parcel for the fish and extras! 

Wipe the foil on one side with the oil!

After rinsing and patting dry, place fish in middle of foil!

Add any additional ingredients from lists above, fold foil to seal!

Place on oven tray or pyrex lid, in case of leakage!

Place in oven and bake for 15-20 minutes!

Prepare rice and Chinese greens, or pasta and salad etc!

Serve and throw away foil!



Asian leafy vegetables! (Basic recipe?)

Cooking  these vegetables can be as simple or as complicated as you could wish for!  This is the easiest …… ever!

Choose any Asian green vegetable….. Bak Choi, Choi Sum or anything else!

Choice of vegetable

Oyster sauce

Put some water on to boil, separate the leaves, might mean chopping off the bottoms and discarding (keep the stalks intact).

Wash the leaves. When water comes to the boil, drop the leaves in for approximately 45 seconds – 1 minute…. Immediately drain and put back in pan, don’t overdrain, with 1-2 tbs of Oyster sauce….  Stir and serve!

If you have any sesame oil, a drizzle over…..

A perfect accompaniment with my next recipe, equally simple…… Enjoy!


Phenomenon of the ‘Weeping Tree’!

A few days ago there was a report about a tree that seemed to be weeping, located in Kampung (village) Lembah Raja!

I was so hooked on the story, not that I believed it was a ‘Sign’ or anything…. but, my mind is open…. So decided to follow the story and do a little research!

The local residents took to heart the mystic side of this phenomenon and began to sell the ‘water’….. maybe as a medicinal, lucky or religious drink!

The tree, a Patai tree, 10 metres tall was ‘crying’!

But, Science prevails in this case.  The experts discovered the tears are a little more basic…. The urine or waste produced by a swarm of cicadas (riang riang)!  This was confirmed from  the buzzing sound of the males trying to attract the females to mate!

Don’t worry, not poison and no upset stomachs!

But, could be something else!  We have had so much rain recently and the soil is water saturated…. Maybe the tree’s roots just couldn’t handle so much water and decided to expell it the best it could…… Cried it out!

Maybe someone will comment on this at some point!


The strange thing is….

…… In Malaysia, we can really celebrate!  Big time…. the religions are boundless… but accepted!   Friends from every faith….. but accepted!   We acknowledge and accept ….. How really cool is that?



Lent, the 40 day period before Easter!  Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday!  I missed it!  To be honest, didn’t realise at all…. I now remember because, we always called it ‘Pancake Day’!  

I think, in the old days, Christians had to deplete their stores of eggs, flour and milk  and use everything in the store room or larder, in preparation for the time of abstinence?  So pancakes!  I might be wrong… but it seems to be in my memory!

So for forty days, people ate frugally!  Gave up sugar, sweets….. nice stuff!

So, for forty days that’s how it was!

In preparation!


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