My Daughters……

…… God, I am so frustrated today on two counts!

“Special K’  and ‘Galactic’ …….  You might have gathered, my daughters….. G is working in Austria, finished Uni in England, Bi-lingual, totally, German and English…… Working in hotel business, like her Austrian dad, born in Penang, Malaysia….. She is talented, self deprecating….. carries her heart on her sleeve!   Cries at every sad …. and happy film, like me! But, unlike me, doesn’t have the confidence she so deserves to realise that she deserves, to look in the mirror and see a wonderful woman….. A woman, today, needs to know… she is special….. ready for the new hiccups ahead in a new position at work! Go for it and hold your head up so high! xx

K….. Acts so tough, my youngest daughter!  Tough exterior, very bright, of course Bi-lingual… She can stay days in her room (don’t ask me what she does)?  But when she comes out and speaks to me, my heart sings….. I love the times…. so few, when she tells me she loves me!

Inside she is a marshmallow……


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