So you are thinking about visiting Asia!


I have a few tips to get you started, some are obvious; but maybe there will be a few things that might not have crossed your mind!

1.  A week is definitely not long enough! Taking into acccount the travelling time, expense of vacation and that there is just so much to see….. Minimum a fortnight!

2.  Decide if you want to spend the entire vacation in one country, a city or cities, an island, a resort, jungle, living rough, luxury, sites, relaxation or a combination of 2 or 3?

3.  Am sure this is not a spur of the moment plan, considering this is going to be an amazing experience….. So hopefully, after booking your holiday, you have at least four months to prepare! 

4.  You will need various vaccinations for different  countries….. Please don’t rush straight to your doctor, go on-line to begin with, you will find the most up- to- date information on the computer…. Make a list, then go to doctor!  My personal reason to research first is that your doctor is likely to have a  list soooo long, that’s probably not that current and you will come out feeling like a pin cushion and a lot poorer….. No offence to the medical profession here!

I would always recommend the hepatitis serum (course of 3 injections over approximately a five month period), you can now get a combined hepatitis serum……..  I back this 110%!

Of course there are others….. But remember recheck on-line just before you leave for your vacation,  for updates!

5.  Time to check your passport….. If you have a passport and it is valid, you might think this is all you need!?  Unfortunately not…… Your passport must have a validity of at least six months before your journey!  A friend recently got stopped by immigration at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), frequent business traveller who had just spent six weeks in Australia on business, in the meantime his passport had dropped below the six month mark….. Fortunately, the Embassy came to his aid.  But hours later and somewhat poorer, he was not happy!

Take photo copies of your travel documents and keep in a safe place at home and with you on your travels, though not with your passport…. Hehe!

6.  Buy any travel or medical insurance you feel you need!

7.  This sounds odd, but if it’s close to your regular dental check up with your regular dentist, or, if you have any niggles with your teeth…. Go and get sorted.  The number of tourists with toothache is amazing!

8.  Leave your travel itinerary with family or friends… specially if you are travelling alone!   You can always update along the way!

9.  If you intend to use credit cards on your trip, double check with bank, inform them,  take copies of every e’mail or any other correspondence you might receive, overseas telephone numbers etc ….. You could be left high and dry and penniless! 

SO, a few hints to help you begin your travel plans…. Sure there will be more along the way!



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