Phenomenon of the ‘Weeping Tree’!

A few days ago there was a report about a tree that seemed to be weeping, located in Kampung (village) Lembah Raja!

I was so hooked on the story, not that I believed it was a ‘Sign’ or anything…. but, my mind is open…. So decided to follow the story and do a little research!

The local residents took to heart the mystic side of this phenomenon and began to sell the ‘water’….. maybe as a medicinal, lucky or religious drink!

The tree, a Patai tree, 10 metres tall was ‘crying’!

But, Science prevails in this case.  The experts discovered the tears are a little more basic…. The urine or waste produced by a swarm of cicadas (riang riang)!  This was confirmed from  the buzzing sound of the males trying to attract the females to mate!

Don’t worry, not poison and no upset stomachs!

But, could be something else!  We have had so much rain recently and the soil is water saturated…. Maybe the tree’s roots just couldn’t handle so much water and decided to expell it the best it could…… Cried it out!

Maybe someone will comment on this at some point!



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  1. rigtig0101
    Mar 12, 2011 @ 02:50:48

    Really interesting post, more please


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