Simplest, fluffy pancakes…… ever!?

No scales required, perfect……. everytime!!!! 

This is what you Need:

A tea cup!

Self- raising flour

A large egg



Butter or vegetable oil (my favourite, a little of both)

Frying pan


This gives the flavour…..  Choose from below, any of them!

Grated lemon zest (the yelllow part, not the bitter white stuff)

Grated chocolate

Any chopped berry….. strawberries, blueberries, raspberries  sultanas ….. absolutely anything that you love….

The idea is to….. Love what you are eating, but keep it healthy!

Now, just to make it ‘yummily’ perfect!  CHOOSE!

Vanilla yoghurt

Greek yoghurt – honey… maybe?

Natural yoghurt  (my favourite, but that’s boring, I love it with honey,  Hehe)

Students, buy a honey  yoghurt…. Perfect!


Take your cup…. Fill it with flour and a large pinch of salt…. now, if you have a sieve, do it…. if not, never mind, into a bowl…. still works, but mix the salt through!

Make a well (hole) in the middle of the flour! Break the egg into the centre (make sure, egg is fresh).

Very slowly, mix the flour into the egg (think of the flour as a wall, you are gradually breaking it down).

Now, One cup of milk, gradually add…. you  can then add your flavourings…..

Frying pan on heat, add butter, oil or both…..  When you think it’s hot enough, take a little bit of the batter, drop in…. if there is no sizzle, too cold!

Take a tablespoon and drop the batter, close to the oil(so it doesn’t splash).  Do not spread it.  Just watch!  Fill the pan with tablespoons of batter!

Won’t take long to cook on one side…. 1-2 minutes…. the first one is experimental!  Turn over (not you, the pancake …. lol)

Careful you don’t keep the flame or electricity too high….

Serve with any of the above and maybe fruit on the side?

I have explained this simply because, we all have to start somewhere…

This is specially for G, I and “Special K”……. Am I wrong, or is ‘Mother’s Day’ coming soon?’



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Special K
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 22:13:36

    mothers day isn’t until April 3rd this year for UK and Australia is 8th May


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