Valentine’s Day!

Wasn’t quite what I expected…. received lovely flowers and a voucher for a facial…… which¬†I surely need…. Hubby, kind!
But…. when You get older….just another day ūüėČ
I know it’s important for many!
But the fun thing….. ran upstairs to find stuff for a salad….. few minutes later, kitchen over run with monkeys….. celebrating Valentine’s Day ….. Good on them, however I did scream and chase them out…… then cleaned with disinfectant xxx

So….. If you are alone this year….. get visited by monkeys….. it’s really…….. just. another day…… that costs a bomb! Lol!
Perspective is the key x x


The strange thing is….

…… In Malaysia, we can really celebrate! ¬†Big time…. the religions are boundless… but accepted!¬†¬† Friends from every faith….. but accepted!¬†¬† We acknowledge and accept ….. How really cool is that?



Lent, the 40 day period before Easter!¬† Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday!¬† I missed it!¬† To be honest, didn’t realise at all…. I now remember because, we always called it ‘Pancake Day’!¬†¬†

I think, in the old days,¬†Christians had to deplete their stores of eggs, flour and milk¬† and use everything in the store room or larder, in preparation for the time of abstinence?¬† So pancakes! ¬†I might be wrong… but it seems to be in my memory!

So for forty days, people ate frugally!¬† Gave up sugar, sweets….. nice stuff!

So, for forty days that’s how it was!

In preparation!


Chap Goh Meh Celebrations!

Yesterday was the end of the 15 day Chinese New Year festivities!¬† I didn’t attend any parties…. Wasn’t invited… hehe!¬† But I heard the fireworks, amazing…!¬† That was the evening when “Maidens” write their wishes, telephone numbers and hopes on oranges…. They throw them into the sea, streams and maybe even swimming pools…. Hoping someone will find this orange loveliness, and make the dreams come true!¬† I love the sentiment…was pretty tempted to throw a little orange myself…. But hey, I’m married…. unfair to the maidens….!¬†¬† EP

A Belated, Happy Valentine’s Day!

No, I wasn’t out celebrating the whole night (out on the tiles)…!¬† I did get flowers though!

No, this year has been a strange combination of what is correct within the Islam faith, I have been here for 13 years, first time that Valentine’s Day has become an issue! There have been debates….. “Demonising Valentine’s Day is an act of religious bigotry and only the ignorant would associate the day with immoral and unpleasant activities!”¬†

“Valentine’s Day, an occasion traditionally observed by certain quarters to foster love!”

I’m going with the majority here!¬† I say, well done!¬† Thank you for being sane!¬† I love this country…. but, won’t mention the other side of this scenario….. suffice it to say…. you know my leaning in this!?

As Minky would say….. “Strong like bull, lean like whippet!” Might expain the joke behind that one day….. Hehe!

If anyone reads this, before it’s pretty, let me know!

Have a great day, be true to yourself!   x EP

My sister, minky!

I screwed up already…. LOL (lots of laughter in my blog)!¬† She was here over the¬† Christmas period … here being, Malaysia, at the moment!¬† She has pushed me to start a blog…. Damn, struggling already…. people, help me!¬† But in the meantime it is the time to say, to all our Chinese friends….. GONG XI FA CAI!¬† That is in Mandarin… I have lived 3 times in Hong Kong, Cantonese was the norm in those days, before HK went back to China…. I remember my 2 young daughters waiting until they could get their little red packets… didn’t know might be money inside, just….. the envelopes were cute….. Soon changed…. Hehe!¬†

Out of here, time for bed!  EP